Spring is Coming

With the snow finally melting, and the temperatures rising, we here at Lake Meade Fire and Rescue are happy to say that spring will be here soon.  That means that the Spring Yard Sale will be upon us in no time.  As printed in the most recent Lake Meader, the yard sale will be held on May 16th, rain or shine.  If you are interested in the Yard Sale, get your spot reservation in early because they are taken up fast.  As always, there will be reminders posted for residents in advance warning of the traffic that will be present on this day and we thank you for being patient with the event when it is around.

With spring comes some dangers as well, the snow has melted, the yard waste is exposed and people become eager to get rid of it.  If you are burning the yard waste BE CAUTIOUS. Just because your grass was under a foot of snow two weeks ago and a puddle for the last three days does not mean that the grass is wet.  In fact, this is the driest time of the year.  Low humidity, dry grass and brush, and careless burning are what lead to wild fires.

If you are burning there are three things that need to be done:  Adams County Department of Emergency (624-2101) services needs to be notified of your burn. Second someone needs to be monitoring the fire at all times. Third there needs to be a control method within a usable distance ( water, fire extinguisher).  So remember have a safe spring and keep an eye on the Smokey the Bear sign for updates about burn conditions.

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Company Banquet

We at Lake Meade Fire and Rescue would like to thank company 14, Irishtown, and York County company 64, for standing by at our station during our company banquet.

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Prescribed Burn at the Shank Farm

On Saturday morning a crew assisted local Fire Warden, Dean Shank with a prescribed burn for the fields on the Shank property in the 10-6 box.  The crew worked for several hours preparing the land to be burnt and protect the right of way for Sentra Energy’s pipeline that is also on the property.  A dug fire line was created before burning started, and then a black line was started.  There were strengthening winds in the late morning that prevented the crew from completing the entire burn because of safety reasons.  There will most likely be another burn later this year to try and complete the fields for the year.

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Upcoming Training at LMFR

In the next few months, several trainings are going to be held at LMFR.  Water Rescue UntitledAwareness will be held on March 3rd.  Water Rescue Operations will be held on the 8th and 9th of March.  On March 29th, there will be an “All You Need to Ride” training where the state minimums are reviewed.

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New Officer Sworn In

The new officers for the year were sworn in at the most recent company meeting.  A story was featured by the Evening Sun. Story

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Safe Practices this winter.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that there is an estimated annual average of 210 home structure fires that begin with Christmas trees.   Based on data from 2002 through 2005, these fires caused an average of 24 civilian deaths, 27 civilian injuries, and $13.3 million in direct property damage per year [1].
The NFPA analysis also shows that although the number of Christmas …tree fires is low, these fires represent a higher level of hazard.  On average, 1 of every 9 Christmas tree fires resulted in a fatality compared to an average of one death per 75 non-confined home structure fires overall.  Further, 49 % of Christmas tree fires spread beyond the room of origin.  The fires that spread beyond the room of origin caused 94 % of the associated fatalities [1].
The percentage of trees involved in structure fires represent an extremely small portion of the total number of natural Christmas trees sold, which is estimated at 30 million trees, in the United States each year [2].  The moisture content of each tree can play a dominant role in determining the fire hazard each tree represents.
Properly maintaining a cut Christmas tree is important to retaining a high moisture content in the needles of the tree to limit accidental ignition and prevent rapid flame spread.  A tree which has dry needles can readily ignite with a flaming source and generate heat release rates that are capable of causing flashover in residential scale rooms.
Click the link for NIST Christmas Tree live fire demo.
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524 Lake Meade Drive

Story and photos courtesy of 911 Photography

Thursday morning at 05:48 hours, Box 26-2 was struck for the reported house fire with possible entrapment in the gated community of Lake Meade.  Engine 26 arrived to find a single family, one story ordinary construction rancher style home, with attached garage, the garage fully involved. E26 requested the working fire dispatch.and advising the report of people trapped was negative. E26’s crew advanced handlines into the structure to make an effort to stop the extension into the living quarters. The fire was up in the cockloft and began venting through the roof within ten minutes of arrival of the fire department.The fire extended into the home area, and eventually crews were ordered to exterior operations. A firefighter was noted carrying a cat from the burning home, laying it beside a cat that had perished in the fire. there were reports of five dogs that resided there but none was seen by this photographer. 911 Photography departed the scene just after the evacuate signal was sounded.

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Fall Fest


Picture 1 of 1

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MCI Training

On Sunday September 22, 2013 Lake Meade Fire and Rescue participated in a drill with surrounding fire and EMS companies to recreate an accident that had happened earlier in the year.  To better prepare ourselves as emergency services drills like this one are used in hopes that the skills learned are never needed.  A news article can be found here.  Photos of the incident can be found here.

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RIP Dennis Steger

Tomorrow, September 19th, 2013, we will say goodbye to one of the company’s life members.  Dennis “Denny” Steger, passed away earlier in the week and he is to be buried on Thursday.  A viewing is scheduled at Hanover First Church of God from 10am till 11am with a funeral and reception following.

Denny was a life member at Lake Meade Fire and Rescue, as well as an EMT and Trustee in his later years.  Denny will be missed and remembered by all as we are sad to see his time come to an end.  The company’s thoughts and condolences are with his wife Carol and we are here to support her like the family a fire company is.  Rest in Peace Denny.

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